Cultural emblem of Anhui University of collaborative innovation body as the lead unit of the United Nations emblem of cultural research, protect and pass on the main unit, Nanjing University, Chinese Academy of Social, Anhui Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Anhui Province Department of Culture, Anhui Academy of Social Sciences, Anhui Province Cultural Relics Bureau of Huangshan Municipal People's Government, Hefei University of Technology, School of Huangshan, Anhui Medical University, Anhui University of Architecture, China Huangshan Huizhou Culture Museum, Huangshan City Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd., etc., to build a "emblem of culture heritage and innovation centers" build a "culture emblem Research Center", "Huizhou Cultural Heritage Protection and Utilization Research Center," "Huizhou architecture Culture Research Center," "Xin'an Medicine and Culture Research Center," "emblem of culture industry development research center" five platforms.
The lead unit of Anhui University issued a related series of collaborative innovation center construction and system files, provided in the main office and research equipment and other necessary support to the center, the implementation of preferential policies to the center, making it a relatively independent entity, support centers institutional mechanisms for research and graduate education reform. Universities participating units mainly based on subject characteristics and personnel, form research, communication and industrial research in the emblem of culture, cultivate innovative talents emblem of cultural heritage; the government is mainly responsible for the flats emblem of cultural heritage protection work, promote the industrialization process of Huizhou Culture given collaborative innovation policy and intellectual support body. Logo collaborative innovation body has brought together science and other four research centers and the Ministry of Education, Chinese language and other 2 national key disciplines, in recent years, of about 90 million in research funding, the formation of specialized personnel nearly 60 people.
Center set up the Council, the Commission and the Scientific Advisory Board centers and other management decisions. The Council consists of the lead units and related participation, support units and several elections director 1, deputy director 2, director; the central commission shall have one deputy director of 3, 1 secretary; the establishment of the Scientific Advisory The Committee, set up the Scientific Advisory Committee of the 1, 2 deputy director, the members.
Set up a "Scientific and Industrial Development Department," "administrative liaison" and other management and service sectors.

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